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Where We Work

Business Education Partners work on client premises or in selected suitable Conference Centres and Hotels. We also work in extended partnership with clients and with selected Business Schools where an accredited programme is specifically requested by a client.

We continue to work extensively across the UK and have also designed and delivered learning interventions for clients in Europe, Asia and the Middle East.

It is evident that high quality and effective Business Education is needed across the world and Business Education Partners will deliver where and when required for discerning clients looking to partner with us to develop effective, capable people.

Whether the work is in-house or in a specifically chosen venue, BEP will always look very carefully at the environment that the learning takes place in. To ensure the principles of the Learning MAPP and Strategic ReLEEP are adhered to means careful consideration of the learning environment. We will work with you – again in partnership – to ensure the right venue for the right results.

    Example Venues