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Client Value

It is people that drive the success and subsequent value of a company or an organisation. The development and implementation of strategy, the marketing and operations associated with the organisation, and the supporting functions – all rely on people. The Business Education Partners focus is to marry up the organisation’s needs against the gaps in its people’s knowledge, mindsets and application of any areas of business and management, with the Learning MAPP™ acting as a catalyst for this.

Our capability programmes are all designed using robust strategy definition and practical expertise to inspire tangible changes in the ability of an organisation, and the people and teams within it, to better deliver profitable growth. See the case studies for examples of tangible value delivered through partnership with BEP.

BEP clients like the way that we consider the needs of the organisation alongside the needs for results and market advantage. This is based on the Strategic ReLEEP™ model developed by BEP:


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“You were presented with a difficult challenge to develop a strong foundation knowledge of marketing in the minds of the Unite members within a relatively short period of time, and you excelled.” UK Director global Hearing Instrument company

“A real strength of this intervention was the relevance to the NHS context, and the ability of the facilitator to include all participants and link theory and models to various aspects of our care.” Clinical Director NHS

“The strategy phase brought all the learning together and provided a large number of tools to help review the business in a different light.” Logistics Manager UK Retailer