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How We Work

We take a structured approach to devising ‘business education’ that matches with your strategic needs, the current capabilities of your people and the context of your organisation.

As a company or organisation changes its vision and strategic goals to match new environments or competition, this may need different knowledge, skills and mindsets.

Taking the strategic and contextual viewpoint Business Education Partners' works in partnership with clients to identify what the development needs are to meet the needs of the organisation. It all comes down to people and how they respond to different scenarios in the workplace. BEP design learning programmes that cross over all manner of blended learning so that an overall step change in strategic thinking and implementable actions will be the result.

The Business Education Partners' approach – we listen – we develop a solution proposal – we talk – we develop and design the solution – we deliver the partnered solution – we talk and listen once more - and hopefully we build a long term relationship with you.

Impact on the business is key – ‘it’s about stretching you it is not about scores’. All BEP business and executive education is focused on the end result of an improved, more effective organisation – otherwise why bother?

“In Europe and elsewhere, the challenge for executive education is to be directly aligned with organisational strategy and to effect behavioural change rather than simply focus on knowledge acquisition. To accomplish this, executive education must transcend the classroom and continue into the workplace of participants to embed the learning.” May 9th 2011

Written in 2011, BEP has been thinking this way since 2001.