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BEP Models

BEP recognise that there is no shortage of organisations to help firms with their development of the human resource.

Often though this help is quick fix or operational in nature, and though there are firms where such an approach can mend an organisational problem, there are many others where it will not.

The majority of BEP work is as individual as the business or organisation to which it relates. It is based on a strategic approach and the actual strategic intent of the organisation or business involved. The focus is on using learning effectively and sustainably, and to allow people in the organisation to deliver the strategy using a real balance of aptitudes and approaches.

The Strategic RELEEP and Learning MAPP models embrace this thinking

BEP would be happy to work with you to adapt the approach offered by these models in order to meet head on with the intent, content and context of your business or organistion.

Get In Touch to discuss how BEP Models could work for your business or organisation.

Or you could join us on an open programme where the models are used to test the appropriateness and/or robustness of the current learning strategy for your business or organisation.

Suitable for HR, Learning, Training, Talent and other Director levels.

Courses available in 2012/13 as follows:

Learning Strategy using Strategic RELEEP and Learning MAPP - 2 days:

September 2012 London
December 2012 London
April 2013 London
June 2013 London
June 2013 Dubai
September 2013 London
September 2013 Dubai

Open Courses 2012/13

Although most BEP work is bespoke there are some topics which are offered on an open programme

These are some benefits to attending an open programme:

  • Allows exposure to the BEP style and approach before perhaps thinking about a bespoke programme
  • Allows exposure to different cultures, content and concepts, experienced by people from other industries and organisations
  • Allows exposure to a particular topic away from your workplace that can trigger thinking and application of principles

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